My desire is everything and anything houses. That’s really the only way I can describe my passion for designing and helping others find the house they want to call “home.”

HEY THERE, I’M kait, kaity, kaitlyn! Each circle of mine calls me something different, so pick your potion!

Growing up with thee amazing mom i have she was always decorating per season, moving things around to make a new space, painting walls, letting my sister and i move bedrooms every 3 months and explore our creative outlets! She definitely installed this creative passion of mine, which now i call my career, and im ever so bouncing ideas off of her and being inspired by her!

When im not indulging in design books, looking over blue prints, and helping my buyers and sellers —> you can find me scouring the aisles of target, anthro, and hidden gems of Des Moines with my sidekick sawyer (my sassy sassy daughter) or sunday driving with my husband looking at new developments and exploring Des Moines!