Literally WOOOOOOFTA - I know that doesn’t make much sense but WOOFTA! With my sister and brother-in-law buying our home near Grandview as an investment property it was such a blessing in this building process, but that means tenants and moving out!

We got the BOOT August 1! AKA: our house isn’t done yet and we have nowhere to live nor do we want to “rent” another place due to it being done oh-so-soon! Sooooo luckily I had 2 closings within 2 days at the beginning of August and we stayed for that also with a mixture of living at my parents house in Plymouth, IA. Oh, you didn’t know Plymouth, IA existed? hahaha its a tiny town North of Mason City! AKA have a ton of family in the area which was amazing, and Sawyer could frolic around on the farm but that means im away from our house that’s now coming together, having to work from afar and Andrew is driving a total of 4 hours a day just to work! And a few hotel rooms for a break from the drive!


But also a huge huge blessing, we got to spend some great quality time with family, I got to REST which was much needed at 32+- weeks pregnant considering we moved and have been going 100 MPH due to finishing our house! Well lets just say 3 weeks of living in limbo and we ARE IN!!!

CAN I JUST SAY MY HUSBAND IS A FRICKING ROCKSTAR!!! Seriously tho ya’ll I have to brag for a second! My husband Andrew, Father-in-law, and Sawyer’s great grandpa (who drives 4 hours a day m-th for work weekly *nuts nuts nuts) KILLLLLED IT!!! Seriously they framed the house and tweaked things as I stopped by daily, dealt with the everyday tasks (yes he is a builder but on top of his normal day to day operations and something about your own house just adds all the stresses especially with a pregnant wife) Basically designed all the interior carpentry, did the cutest built in changing table in the nursery that I never would have thought of, when you see my house all the shiplap and wood detailing he installed and decided where it went and what it was, I married a stud! Also laid all the flooring, set all the doors, did all my hardware and made my stairway dreams come true! He did so much more, so basically whatever you see besides paint he did along with his daddy and grandpa, was so special seeing the 3 alfas work together but put in their hearts to see this transpire for us as a family!! #blessssssed

Andrew says I was the absolute worst custom client he has ever had, sorry babe sorry but its so beautiful and you killed killed it! *Kisses (insert indecisive pregnant designer emoji)

I’m SO SO SO HAPPY to be in this house, but now I need to win a million dollar giveaway to furnish it!! Living in a 900SQFT house with hand me down furniture it was time to upgrade to over a 2300SQFT house with basically only our closets and some kitchen stuff. I’m a tad overwhelmed with how much money its taking to fill the house with things that make it feel like home! I hope to sell it one day fully furnished so I can do it again tho, everything purchased is so specifically perfect for this house!

BUTTT BUTTT BUTTT - I am an excellent sale shopper (Andrew says “even if its on sale you’re still spending money”, yada yada don’t you love the way the house looks ;)) hehe

Still definitely have some corners in my house, Master - Office - Half Bath - Upper Loft to finish, but those might take a hottttt minute! For babe is due in TWO WEEKS!

Always comment if you’re interested in where I got anything you see in our house! Attached is a few of my FAVORITE finds! ( I try to link everything on my instagram too)

Bar Stools

Dressers ( I have these on both sides of our bed, and one came damaged so I fixed it as best as I could and currently also using one for our entryway!!!) *if you’re wondering why I have 3 of the same thing <3

Pillows (Livingroom and bedroom pillows, these are covers and I get feather inserts from west elm) - I love pillows too much I have to get covers because I love to change them out with the season and Andrew would kill me if I got “new pillows” everytime!

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