Simple yet BOLD

master b a t h r o o m

Bathrooms Bathrooms Bathrooms - LET ALONE the master! The pressure the pressure! Why did I have such a hard time with designing this space!


This is one room where you can really strike out or get a home run! You can go black flooring with a dapper wood vanity and white or blue or yellow tile shower and it will all come together. i was sunk. I loved the dark flooring with camel wood vanity and a deep green shower, i had it all laid out and designed with some large concrete hex tile with some natural wood planking behind the vanity and i was so nervous yet extremely excited.

&&&& then my husband saw my inspiration board…. && goes “you know I always wanted a really clean bathroom right? like I don’t want white anywhere in the house (I lol as I write this due to the fact our entire house is white) but the bathroom I want very sterile and clean looking”

CAN I GET A “whatttt theee”

So now i go back to the drawing board and im like wait i need it to be simple yet bold how how how do i do that? its not like i can add furniture in here and spoof it up! i get so annoyed at this point due to the fact i tried showing my husbando multiple times inspiration boards etc. and he repeatedly told me “i trust you i don’t care.” so now i go back to the drawing board and love the vertical tile and love hex but what color, so i landed on a glossy gray subway tile and glossy white hex with switching up grout colors. The black finishes i really wanted to go throughout the entire house and be consistent. So had to tie those in within the bathroom and i think that provides the Bold I was needing.

This is one space where you can really strike out or get a home run!

Do we do a bathtub or a big vanity?

Our bathroom is odly large but for some reason I COULD NOT for the life of me validate Z E R O counter space for a tub. && the funny part is my husband and I LOVE to take baths I am talking we total probably take a bath everyday if not every other day. But yet I did a poll on instagram and facebook and everyone like 99.9% of people would rather have 2 sinks than counter space.. Which really annoyed me because for re-sale value I didn’t want to diminish that factor but COME ON! How much can you be doing in a sink anyway? I would ideally have loved a stand alone tub, a single sink vanity with counter space. Unfortunately the realtor in me can’t not “please the people.” Hence the double vanity and large shower! Lets just say we wish we had the tub, our daughters tub just isn’t sufficing our bath time craving haha!

All in all I do L O V E the way it turned out! It's my favorite combination "clean yet bold." I know I keep repeating that term but its the best way I can describe it! We definitely have a lot of space in the bathroom so eventually when I get my head above water I will probably add some shelving along our linen closet wall or do a wedding collage of the husband and I to keep that day a reminder everyday or some beautiful scripture, i’m undecided like always so stay tuned on what I end up doing with the open space!

xo kait

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