To the windows to the walls!

To the window to the walllllll!

The proposal anyone? Best scene everrrr with the grandma dancing around the fire pit and she walks up and has to do it also and she started just going to the beat of this song, laughing while writing this!

We are at the FRAMING STAGE!!!! How how how exciting! This means the basement is dug, the foundation is poured and the walls are going up!!

Coolest fact of all: My husband is a framing carpenter with his dad and grandpa, 3 generations of framing houses! Its so special that he gets to learn and work with his dad and grandpa! Even tho they are all Alfas, it makes for some interesting days ;) Also his grandpa aka: Sawyers GREAT grandpa drives 2 hours to and from to frame with them: talk about dedication!

This is where its all coming together and I can actually visualize what I am going to design for this house of ours! I have meetings this week with Royal Flooring, EHI, CKF, and Moehl Millwork! Aka picking out all trim, flooring, cabinet layouts this week! SO SO SO much pressure doing this for my own personal house! Its so much more emotional because iā€™m designing around picturing my growing family running around here and well its a lot of pressure!

Now I feel for all my custom clients and this has definitely given me more of an emotional pressure than normally designing houses! Not to mention what I want to do with this home changes every hour!

Excited to get all this picked!

Will share more when I actually get my crap together and decide on something! haha


Kaitlyn Harvey