Why haven’t you heard of Merit Homes? Owner number 1 is Chris Harvey and he has been building homes in the Des Moines metro since around 1990. Owner number 2 is Andrew Harvey has grown up in the industry! Andrew and Chris decided to combine brains, experience, and new ideas in 2016 and start Merit Homes of Iowa. So although we may look new, we have nearly 30 years of experience!

What makes us different? Merit Homes is not just a “Builder” we do most of our trades in house! Meaning, we have 3 generations who frame each house: why is that cool or important? You want to build a house or “tweak” something or finish it differently, we can do that because we physically build the house! Bonus: it costs you no plan change fee! From our 3 generations of experience we have different ways of doing things and accomplishing things at free/lower cost. What that also means is, we are ALWAYS on the job site. No large company making sure its getting done, we physically make sure each and every step is getting done when it’s supposed to.

What is the process of custom homes? Luckily for you we have ME! Aka: Kaitlyn Harvey, I am the designer and realtor of all Merit Homes properties! I have a very outlined direction that we walk thru in order to accomplish your style, passions, wants, budget, location, and final product. We want you to be so proud and so happy with the final product no matter what the budget and I pride myself in doing everything I can to help you accomplish that!

Raise your hand if you are interested in buying a $250,000 - $1,000,000,000,000 dollar house? Well if you are in that category, WE CAN BUILD FOR YOU. So many people think that when building a custom home you must have an enormous budget, well luckily for you that isn’t true. Why buy an off the rack house and “change” things when you get into it, when you can just build what you want right away? I would love to help. Checkout the blog for more information regarding our custom home process!