Who inspires you?

This truly is a loaded question. I get more inspired by experience than by a certain person. If I could show you my certain mood boards about every other month it changes. Dark greens and tans, and the next month its bright whites and woods. Traveling, shopping, old movies, those are my mood boards.

what is your favorite part about helping custom home buyers?

Custom homes are a totally different navigation than my “day-to-day” speck houses. They are designed by my client. I try to navigate different ways to help my $250,000 home buyer achieve spectacular and unique without going over budget, and help my $450,000+ buyers get everything they’re wanting and inspire them to look beyond the norm. I research and study all new market materials, what will have good unique re-sell value and what will hurt potentially in the long run just to educate my clients in some decisions they’re making. All in all, they are building what they want to build. I am along for the design ride and budget monitoring; everyones unique taste is so fun to explore so I want my clients to be the voice.


what about helping clients buy and sell houses interests you?

I will say it over and over again, anything houses excites me! But helping my clients and understand what they’re looking for in a certain budget gets me giddy! I love seeing the potential in some houses and picturing my clients growing their families within the walls, and understanding the look they get when they walk into “thee one.”

what is your favorite past time?

FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY! I know so cheesy right, like “what do you do for fun? Hangout with friends and family.” But its the honest truth! I am so blessed with the best husband who is always up for my little “to-do’s” or our Sunday drives looking at houses and different areas to build. I am truly lucky we share the same passion! Our sweet sweet sassy daughter who never stops making me laugh. Our love for cows and horses and all things animals! (One day we will live on acres and acres with all the animals.) Our immediate families are such a blessing and who we call our best of friends!